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Grades 7 to 9


Our curriculum is based on the current South African curriculum (CAPS compliant.


GoLearnSA will issue a report provided the learner has attended formal assessment at one of our assessment centers. This report together with a transfer card is fully transferable to mainstream schools.

Admission requirements

Learners are welcome to enroll at any time of the year.

Report Rating Codes

Report Rating Codes
7 Excellent 80% – 100%
6 Meritorious 70% – 79%
5 Substantial 60% – 69%
4 Adequate 50% – 59%
3 Moderate 40% – 49%
2 Elementary 30% – 39%
1 Requirements not achieved 0% – 29%


Promotion from grade to grade through the system within the appropriate age cohort should be the accepted norm, unless the learner displays a lack of competence to cope with the following grade’s work.

The following are guidelines for determining a learner’s promotion from Grade 7 to 8 and Grade 8 to 9 in the Senior Phase:

(a) Adequate Achievement (Level 4) in one official language at Home Language level.

(b) Moderate Achievement (Level 3) in the second required official language at First Additional Language level.

(c) Moderate Achievement (Level 3) in Mathematics.

(d) Moderate Achievement (Level 3) in any other two (2) of the remaining subjects.

Senior Phase

The subjects offered and learning time in the Senior Phase is as follows:

Grades 7, 8 & 9

Total number of hours per week: 27.5

Home Language - English

5 hours per week

Natural Sciences

3 hours per week

Economic Management Sciences

2 hours per week

Social Sciences

3 hours per week

Life Orientation

2 hours per week


4.5 hours per week


2 hours per week

Creative Arts

2 hours week